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Furniture Stores In Cool Springs

furniture stores in cool springs

furniture stores in cool springs - Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf Cool Springs Hunting Combo

Timber Wolf Cool Springs Hunting Combo

The taste of cool spring water is almost as good as the feeling you'll get holding this 2-piece cool spring composite handle knife set from Timber Wolf in your hand. This set offers a 8 3/4" full tang, fixed-blade knife and a 4 1/2" folding knife. Each knife features a deep blue composite handle with stainless and black composite accents. A razor sharp stainless steel blade is attached to the beautiful handle of each of these knives. A quality twin sheath allows the user to carry both the fixed and folding knives at once.

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Fletcher Block Building; Wichita, KS

Fletcher Block Building; Wichita, KS

The Fletcher Block Building was built by William Henry Sternberg (1832-1906) in Wichita, KS in 1887. This photo from approximately the 1930s appears as if the building were modernized a bit from 50 years prior... chimneys and spires were taken off and the top arched crown on the front of the building was removed (compare this photo with the Artist's Drawing of the Fletcher Block). The Fletcher Block Building (or Fletcher Building) was located on the northwest corner of Main & Second Street and was built for William Fletcher who also had his business office here. William Fletcher moved to Wichita from Illinois and is described as a "Capitalist" and a "Speculator". It was a first-class office building equiped with steam heat, an electric elevator, stained glass windows and stained glass skylights and other upscale appointments. This building no longer exists. The term "block" is rarely used today, but was a common term in the late 1800s. It was somewhat of a generic term for any large commercial building that covered all or most of a block or even part of a block as long as it was fairly square or rectangular in shape. The Fletcher Block was a well-known building throughout Wichita. When referring to an office location, city directories sometimes omitted an address altogether and simply noted, "Fletcher Building". It contained professional offices including doctors and mortgage brokers.

Sternberg was the most prolific builder in the area and erected more of the commercial block-style buildings than any other builder in the late 1800s. Some of the buildings he erected include: the Eads Block Building, Smyth & Sons Block Building, the Union Block Building (corner of Douglas and Water), the Temple Block Building, the Bitting Block Building (also called simply, the Bitting Building at the corner of Market and Douglas), the Roys Block at the corner of Lawrence and Douglas, the Market Street Block (erected in August 1887), the Naftzger Building (a block-style building three stories high at the corner of St. Francis and Douglas), the Porter Building (a four-story brick at 211 – 213 E. Douglas), Ferrell’s Brick Block (opposite the Post Office) and many others. Sternberg employed a crew that at times reached 40 men. As population in Wichita has grown about 10-fold since then, that translates into a construction firm with roughly 400 workers by today's standards. William Sternberg was a significant employer in Wichita, all at a time before electric tools and cars.

At the time the Fletcher Building was built Mr. Fletcher had his personal resident and lived just a block south of Mr. Sternberg on the then very exclusive north Waco Avenue residential district. Mr. Sternberg's residence was at 1065 N. Waco Avenue. Mr. Fletcher's residence was at 933 N. Waco Avenue. At the time, Waco Avenue was an elite cul-de-sac, accessible only from the east. South of this area, the Arkansas river's path swung further to the east than it does today, cutting off Waco Avenue from going all the way through to downtown as it does today. There are no known photos of the Fletcher residence. It is not unlikely that Sternberg may have designed and built Mr. Fletcher's personal residence in addition to building the Fletcher Building (which Sternberg is confirmed to have done). In a number of instances, Sternberg is known to have done both a commerical and residential building for the same individual, sometimes more than one commercial building and/or house (for example, the A.W. Bitting and C.W. Bitting residences as well as two stores for the Bitting brothers). Sternberg is known to have designed & built Finlay Ross's residence at 821 N. Waco Avenue and Finlay Ross's 3-story Furniture Store, "Ross' Great Furniture & Carpet Emporium" at 119 & 121 N. Main (photos of the Ross block posted to photostream soon). Fletcher's home would have been in between Ross's (at 821 N. Waco Avenue) and Sternberg's own home at 1065 N. Waco Avenue. Early fire insurance maps for 933 N. Waco indicate there was a large home at this address, but other than identifying the perimeter of the structure those maps don't say anything else about it. Any additional information about the William Fletcher residence at 933 North Waco Avenue in Wichita, KS is welcome.

Bricks for buildings like the Fletcher Block above were made locally at any number of brick manufacturers. In the 1800s, bricks were made by hand in a slow, laborious process. In 1879, the steam shovel was invented which speeded up the first step: just the getting the clay to begin with. Clay was often stored over the Winter because the freezing made working the clay easier in the Spring and the cold helped remove unwanted oxides. Clay was then ground into powder and screened to remove rocks. The dry clay was then mixed with water and then kneaded (“pugged” in a “pug mill” whereby a horse drawn cart worked the

I see myself!

I see myself!

He he... this is a picture of me taking a picture...

It's actually a picture of a shinny globe light fixture that was at this really cool furniture store in Palm Springs. I've always been fascinated with photography reflections and this is a pretty good one at that! lol

furniture stores in cool springs

furniture stores in cool springs

Hatteras FSG Skygazer - Watermark Cool Springs - Large Quick Dry Comfort Hammock

Hatteras FSG Skygazer - Watermark Cool Springs - Large Quick Dry Comfort Hammock is made with the highest quality products in the industry. Hatteras uses a solution-dyed DuraCord, which equals colorfastness, stain - and mildew-resistance - and long outdoor life. Though made from synthetic yarn, DuraCord yields a cozy, cotton-like fabric. All DuraCord fabrics are custom-designed for our Hatteras Hammocks line. The quilted-fabric hammocks are pillowed-up with polyester fiberfill batting. All the hammock collections are designed with a close eye on the very latest color trends.

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