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Ruda Overseas 031 Cruise Ship Clock

Ruda Overseas 031 Cruise Ship Clock

Ruda Overseas is an internationally known Gift Designer and maker. Since 1977 we have been fusing cutting edge designs and good quality materials to create contemporary and functional quality gifts for the loved one in your life. Our goal has always been to design and manufacture top quality world-class gifts and items that are sure to delight and impress. We are committed to give you the best value in all of our items at unbeatable prices. SHIP Clock Matt/Shinny. Item size: H 4 1/2? x W 1 3/4".

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Keller Hotel

Keller Hotel

Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States

The Keller Hotel was constructed in 1897-98 to the Renaissance Revival style design of Julius Munckwitz. He was Supervising Architect and Superintendent of Parks in New York City and maintained an architectural practice in Harlem. Most of the buildings that Munckwitz designed have been demolished.

The building was built by William Farrell, a prominent coal merchant. The hotel was operated by several proprietors including Fritz Brodt, who had a contract with the United States government to provide food to immigrants at Ellis Island. The hotel was located near ferry and transatlantic cruise ship docks where thousands of visitors arrived. By at least 1935, it housed transient sailors.

After the decline of the maritime industry on the Hudson River, the Keller Hotel became a single-room occupancy hotel and the Keller Bar at the corner storefront became a popular bar catering to a gay clientele.

The building is currently vacant, but the interior is being altered to convert the upper floors to residential use. The building has two cast-iron storefronts at the ground floor of the West Street facade, which feature a continuous cornice and columns with a stylized floral design at the capitals. The upper floors are constructed of brick with stone trim and feature a restrained use of classical and Renaissance-inspired ornament.

It is one of the last surviving turn-of-the-century Hudson River waterfront hotels.

The building, situated along the Hudson River, is a significant reminder of the era when the Port of New York was one of the world’s busiest and the section of the Hudson River between Christopher and 23 Streets was the heart of the busiest section of the Port of New York.


The Port of New York and the Greenwich Village Waterfront

By the early nineteenth century, New York City developed as the largest port in the United States and in the early twentieth century emerged as one of the busiest ports in the world. In Manhattan, South Street along the East River had been the primary artery for maritime commerce, but West Street became a competitor in the 1870s and supplanted the former by about 1890.

The construction, by the New York City Department of Docks, of the Gansevoort Piers (1894-1902) and Chelsea Piers (1902-10, Warren & Wetmore) between West 11 and West 23 Streets, just north of Barrow Street, had a profound impact on this section of the Hudson River waterfront.

These long docks accommodated large transatlantic liners. This area was described in 1914 as “in the heart of the busiest section of the port, adjacent to the transatlantic liners, coast and gulf vessels, between Christopher and 23 Streets, surrounded by 5,000 seamen of all nationalities” of the half a million seamen that come into the harbor each year.

By 1939, the Federal Writers’ Project’s New York City Guide described this “most lucrative water-front property in the world” as follows:

Although the western rim of Manhattan is but a small section of New York’s far-flung port, along it is concentrated the largest aggregate of marine enterprises in the world.

Glaciers of freight and cargo move across this stripe of … waterfront.

It is the domain of the super-liner, but it is shared by the freighter, the river boat, the ferry, and the soot-faced tug … Ships and shipping are not visible along much of West Street. South of Twenty-third Street, the river is walled by an almost unbroken line of bulkhead sheds and dock structures …

Opposite the piers, along the entire length of the highway, nearly every block houses its quota of cheap lunchrooms, tawdry saloons and waterfront haberdasheries catering to the thousands of polyglot seamen who haunt the “front.” Men “on the beach” (out of employment) usually make their headquarters in barrooms, which are frequented mainly by employees of lines leasing piers in their vicinity.

The Keller Hotel is one of last surviving turn-of-the-century Hudson River waterfront hotels. In addition to the Keller Hotel, the only other surviving waterfront hotels in Greenwich Village are the Great Eastern Hotel (180-184 Christopher Street aka 386 West Street, highly altered to combine three existing buildings and facade altered, 1888, John B. Franklin), the Holland Hotel (305 West 10 Street aka 396-397 West Street, 1904, Charles Stegmayer, located within the Weehawken Historic District), the American Seamen’s Friend Society Sailor’s Home and Institute (113-110 Jane Street aka 505-507 West Street, 1907-08, William A. Boring, a New York City designated landmark), and the Strand Hotel (455-53 10 Avenue aka 500-502 West 14Street, 2-4 11 Avenue, facade altered, 1908, Richard R. Davis).

Concern about the welfare of sailors in the port of New York goes back to the early 19century. In May 1828, the American Seamen’s Friend Society was established in New York City as one of a number of 19 century religious organizations co

Her Danish Majesty's Yacht Dannebrog

Her Danish Majesty's Yacht Dannebrog

Her Danish Majesty's Yacht Dannebrog (A540) (Danish: KDM Dannebrog) was launched by Queen Alexandrine at Copenhagen in 1931, and commissioned on 26 May 1932. The yacht now serves as the official and private residence for HM the Queen of Denmark, HRH the Prince Consort, and members of the Royal Family when they are on official visits overseas and on summer cruises in Danish waters. When at sea, the Royal Yacht also participates in surveillance and sea-rescue services.

The "Dannebrog" was built in 1931–1932 at the Naval Dockyard in Copenhagen. She replaced the previous royal vessel, an 1879 paddle steamer, also called Dannebrog. The yacht has dual functions: it is primarily the Royal Yacht during peacetime; it can become a hospital ship during emergency alerts or war.

The ship’s hull is a riveted steel construction on transverse frames. The ship has a clipper stem and an elliptic stern. Viewed from the side, the ship may be divided into two sections. In front of the funnel there is space for the crew, any cargo, and the engine. At the rear is the Royal Apartment. This could accommodate patients if ever the yacht were used as a hospital. During visits to Danish and foreign ports the covered quarterdeck is used for receptions.

The Royal accommodation comprises studies for HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Consort, a dining salon, a lounge, the bedroom, etc. HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Consort have taken a personal interest in fitting out the vessel and the choice of furnishings. The Royal Apartment contains furniture and fittings from the previous 1879 Royal vessel.

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog is an independent command, administered by the Chief of HM The Queen’s Naval Household, who is a member of the Royal Household. The crew of the Dannebrog comprises 9 officers, 7 sergeants, and 36 enlisted able-seamen - all have been hand-picked from the Navy. The officers are normally seconded for periods of two to four years, whereas the able-seamen stay for just one summer.

Since the flag was first hoisted in 1932, the yacht has travelled more than 300,000 nautical miles (600,000 km) and visited most of the ports of Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. The yacht has also visited European ports, especially in France and cruised the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas.

A major overhaul was carried out in 1980/81 to extend the life of the yacht beyond the turn of the century. Having now passed that point, the 75-year-old yacht is still in excellent condition, with major improvements including replacement of the yacht's main engines.


Dimensions of the Royal Yacht:

* Length: 78.43 m
* Width: 10.40 m
* Draught: 3.62 m
* Mast height: 23.00 m
* Load displacement: 1238 t
* Main engines: Two diesel engines, B&W Alpha Diesel, type 6T23L-KVO, 870 hp (649 kW) each
* Auxiliary engines: Three diesel engines SCANIA, type DS11ol MO 1, 136 kW each
* Speed: 13.5 knots (25.0 km/h)
* Cruising radius: 3,600 nautical miles (6,700 km).

(Source: Wikipedia)

ship furniture overseas

ship furniture overseas

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Spanish Galleon - 60"H x 40"W Removable Graphic

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