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Best Baby Furniture Stores

best baby furniture stores

best baby furniture stores - SwaddleDesigns Organic

SwaddleDesigns Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket - Pastel Blue Dots and Stars with Mocha Trim

SwaddleDesigns Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket - Pastel Blue Dots and Stars with Mocha Trim

SD-069PB SwaddleDesigns Certified Organic Cotton blankets are designed by a registered nurse and mother of two young children. Beautifully soft, the GOTS certified organic cotton is processed and preshrunk in earth friendly ways. No unnatural chemicals, pesticides or insecticides are used. Certified Organic Cotton Ultimate Receiving Blankets feature SwaddleDesigns signature stitch and are offered in a variety of designer color trims and prints. Sized at 42'' x 42,'' our swaddling blankets are larger than typical receiving blankets. Each blanket comes with exclusive 123 Swaddle instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket (patent pending). The blankets are an excellent value and can be used for years. They have a multitude of uses beyond swaddling such as a privacy throw when breastfeeding, play mat for tummy time and a shield over the stroller to protect from the sun or cool breeze. Machine washable and proudly made in the USA.Features: -Ultrasoft Certified Organic Cotton Flannel Swaddling Blanket in Natural with SwaddleDesigns signature stitch color trim.-Wonderful welcome baby gift and shower gift. Everyday essential that will be used and treasured for many years..-Designed by a registered nurse with consultation from multiple PhDs and experts .-Generously sized at 42 by 42 inches; our blanket is an ideal size for swaddling and many other uses.-Exclusive 123 Swaddle instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket helps new parents master the art of swaddling.-Machine wash warm and tumble dry .-Proudly made in the USA.

78% (15)

My Dog Libby

My Dog Libby

can't always make it up onto her cushion.. She's almost 14 now. I've had to give her streoids the past few weeks. She has arthritis in her hips. She is pigeon toed. Her tail is dragging. Her energy is low. She isn't barking these days.

My last dog.

Erin shot this for me. She's been taking care of her because i'm never home. Im always at Kate's watching the twins during the day , or sitting evenings with my dad who spends his days alone.

When MY hips are working i carry her upstairs where she likes to sleep at the foot of my bed . But even though i take her out before i carry her upstairs; as soon as i turn out the light and start to fall asleep , she wakes me to go out . So, i pick her up and lumber sleepily down to the first floor and down the back steps, put her down and wait for her to wobble around the yard. She's so short. This past winter with all the snow I'd have to go outside first and shovel a little spot for her to sniff around.

She was a half- dead rescue puppy. She just would lie in the corner and not go to the dish to feed with the other puppies. She wasn't " thriving" . I went to the vet to pick up my cat and he asked me, " do you want a puppy?" . I said "OH NO, ive got this cat and a big Yellow Lab i don't need a puppy". But then he brought her out to meet me. Well, Libby was 4 months old and was only 2#. She fit in a loaf pan, she was listless. She looked like a baby chicken who was just getting pinfeathers, scrawny and practically hairless.

The vet needed someone to nurse her . So i took her, for the weekend. I hand fed her. I gave her wild salmon and sardines packed in Olive oil. And gruel made from crushed graham crackers and evaporated milk and vitamins,. one small baby spoonfull at a time, about every 20 minutes, and i took her out every 20 minutes. I did it for the whole weekend. When i called the Vet on Monday he asked me. " could you keep her for the week?" So i did.

By the end of the week, she was coming to the water dish and the food bowl. AND she climbed out of the clothes basket i was keeping her in.

The vet asked me. " could you keep her another week, just to make sure" so i did.

At the end of the second week, the pet store owner who had dropped her off at the Vet didn't want her back. So i paid her Vet bills and kept her. The rest is history.

Best dog i ever had.

145/365 - Ew!

145/365 - Ew!

Sorry for the disgustingness. Today is going to serve as pregnancy documentation as when I actually noticed significant swelling in my feet. I feel like I have beach balls to walk on.

Sandle shopping made me realize that my feet weren't just tired and sore from being on them more than I usually am but they're enormously swollen. I hope this is a passing thing...they're super gross and don't fit in anything that is actually good for my foot to wear. (Thanks to Grandmother genes, I have had to give up my love for cheapo shoes from Payless.)

I went to Beckley to visit my family and also to search for the intimidating things that go on baby registries (strollers, furniture, car seats, high chairs,,...oh my!). I didn't find anything that made me think that is what I am looking for and will be good for Amelia. I did see a lady pushing a stroller I liked...but not for sale anywhere. I also saw my husband's beautiful best friend and his daughter who is absolutely the most gorgeous little girl in the whole world. If my baby is half as beautiful I will be ecstatic. She's unreal just like her dad.

So, today was not helpful. I noticed my gross feet. I bought a gorillapod because they were half off and I have been curious about it. It was broken, so my kind brother gave me his (which he also bought today) and said that he would just take mine back to the store and get a new one. The guy that sold it to me was a friend of his and said he would hold one until tomorrow. Such a sweet brother. I didn't use it because I left it downstairs and, ashamedly, I am back to that horrid pain that plagued me last week added to my feet and am going up and down the stairs on my butt.

I really like being pregnant. The hurts and the gross feet are worth it. I feel her kicking all the time and nothing in the world can make me happier than that. I complain too much. I have been working on some more interesting ideas. We'll see how that goes.

best baby furniture stores

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