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Empire Style Furniture. Ashley Furniture Dining Table.

Empire Style Furniture

empire style furniture

empire style furniture - The Complete

The Complete Guide to Furniture Styles

The Complete Guide to Furniture Styles

Instilling a cultivated taste for all authentically creative furniture! From ancient Greece and Rome, through medieval times, and up to the present day, domestic furniture has been an integral part of civilization, and its study reveals much about our history and culture. This classic guide to furniture styles discusses the development of domestic furniture in Europe, America, and China, detailing the great periods of French and English furniture from the Renaissance through the Empire and Regency periods. Furniture from every age is represented in over 600 photographs of pieces from major collections throughout the world. The book's highly readable style and extensive coverage make it a valuable resource for interior designers.

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William Davenport House 1876

William Davenport House 1876

This house was built by William Davenport at a little over $8000 in 1876 [Father of Beverly]. The Davenports went to the 1876 Centenial Celebration in Philadelphia. While there they purchased furniture for their new house. That furniture is still in the house.

William Davenport founded a bank in Saline after the railroad came to town in 1870 and grew quite wealthy.

Empire Swag Valance in Blue and White

Empire Swag Valance in Blue and White

Classic Empire Swag and Bells, with navy tassel hem. A great way to top shutters with a touch of elegance.

empire style furniture

empire style furniture

In the Neoclassic Style: Empire, Biedermeier, and the Contemporary Home

Empire, the sleek, rich style of the Napoleonic era, is at the heart of the revival of classical themes in interior design. This work celebrates the legacy of objects left by this style - from couches to cabinets, wall hangings to murals, and silverwork to porcelain - and shows how these classic forms can be reused in today's homes, whether an elegant salon or a minimalist structure of glass and steel. The final chapter illustrates interior styles by designers such as Michael Graves, John Saladino and Bob Patino to show the limitless possibilities of the neoclassic style.

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